Need a rewards system that works?

Ditch the rewards chart and get some real motivational mojo going with your kids! Use Easi Rewards to assign quests to your kids. They’ll see their tasks, deadlines, and points to earn. We do the rest including reminders!

Start with a couple of Easi steps: make an account for you and your kids and create your first quest for them. Simple! We do the rest!


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Easi does it better

Peppier than a piggybank

Allowances are swell but go in a flash. Get your kid’s butts moving with stuff they really want.

Collecting points is fun

Like a flight on free miles, you know earning rewards feels great. We even send progress nudges!

Quietly educational

Chores are a bore but good habits start early. Teach valuable life lessons with way less hassle.
Motivate and reward your kids.
Behavior charts are boring. Our catalog of cool stuff puts pep in their step to complete chores, practice instruments, study harder and even help with remote learning challenges. You set the quest and we speed them on their way with friendly reminders. Huzzah!
With a bit of pluck and/or elbow grease, they’ll soon be saying OMG to an awesome reward at the door. All with no pleading, begging or bargaining. That’s Easi.
START YOUR FREE, NO OBLIGATION TRIAL WITH 500 POINTS ON US! Start some quests for your kids today!
Try Easi Rewards free
Up for a quest? We’re ready with rewards.
Let’s face it — chores are the worst thing adults ever invented. Still, the boss wants ‘things’ done and we’ve got cool stuff with your name on it.
Okay, but how do I get it? Easi! Log in to your Easi Club account to see your quests. Complete them and earn your points!
And guess what? There’s no nagging. We’ll send friendly reminders, not your parents. You just rack up points, go nuts in our Easi Rewards Club portal and we’ll ship out your goods. Whoo!
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What’s up for grabs
It’s hard to get hyped for a reward you can get any old day of the week. Our catalog is chock full of the games, toys, and gizmos kids know and want real bad.